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Juli Weiner BC10 is the former editor in chief of The Blue and White and former editor of Bwog. She also interned for The New Yorker, n+1, Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, and Wonkette. She was also a blogger at Vanity Fair. She now writes for HBO's Last Week Tonight.

Much great Bwog writing occurred under her tenure as "editrix" and that of her successor, Jim Downie, as she brought to the site a strong knack for gossip and irreverent but knowledgeable coverage of the bureaucracy and politics of Columbia.

Donald Trump called her a "bad writer" after she wrote an article critical of him at Vanity Fair[1].

In 2013, she posted a picture to Instagram of Lena Dunham wishing her a happy birthday, proving beyond any doubt that she has made it [2].


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Preceded by
Anna Phillips
Editor in Chief of The Blue and White 
Succeeded by
Jon Hill

Preceded by
Lydia DePillis
Bwog Editor 
Succeeded by
James Downie