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The Lily Prize is given by the History Department "for academic achievement in the study of history other than that of the United States". It was donated by former history professor James Shenton in memory of his mother. The Lily Prize is given each year by the History Department for the best thesis in history on a non-US topic.


  • 2015: Dan Herbatschek for his thesis: “The Reconstruction of Language and Time: Artificial Languages, Mathematics, and the Changing Idea of Time in the Scientific Revolution”
  • 2014: Bob Sun for his thesis: “Medicine as Colonial Enterprise: The Founding of the Pasteur Institute in Saigon, 1891”
  • 2013: Myrsini Manney-Kalogera
  • 2012: Raul Alexandro Ruiz
  • 2011: Jordan Katz for her thesis: " 'To Judge or to be Judged': Jewish Communal Autonomy in Metz and the Struggle for Sovereignty in Eighteenth-Century France"
  • 2010: Michael Paranac
  • 2009: Samuel Daly
  • 2008: Julia Robinson
  • 2007: Liz Fink
  • 2006: Ida McCotter Sawyer
  • 2002: Peter Lamphere