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Los Angeles is the largest city on the west coast, and the second largest city in the United States (after New York City). Like New York, Los Angeles is very polluted and has a large and diverse immigrant population. It also is comprised of hundreds of unique neighborhoods and municipalities with their own distinctive charm and character. In fact, the Los Angeles Metro area is the densest metropolitan region in the United States, given that the Metro covers a five-county area with nearly uniform density.

Though much of Los Angeles has historically been covered by ghettos and ruled by gangs, in recent years the city has taken numerous strides to drastically improve its neighborhoods. One Angeleno equated Los Angeles to "the Bronx, multiplied by six." However, the area also boasts some of the most affluent neighborhoods/suburban tax havens in the world, including Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.

It has 2 main Universities, UCLA, and The University of Southern California (USC), which share an extreme (and pathetic) sports rivalry. L.A. also has Caltech, but located on its outskirts, because it engages in unnecessarily dangerous experiments.

It is rare to find someone at Columbia who is from Los Angeles who did not go to the tony Harvard-Westlake school, though it has been known to happen.

The newly elected mayor of the city, Eric Garcetti, is a CC '92 and SIPA alum.