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The University of Southern California is a private university located on Los Angeles, California.

USC is to UCLA what NYU is to Columbia, made even worse by the fact that UCLA is a public school, and is located on Westwood, near Beverly Hills and Hollywood, while USC is in South Central, the L.A. equivalent of The Bronx, multiplied by six. The two schools share a fierce rivalry and each likes to make jokes at the expense of the other. It also has woefully deficient Wi-Fi on campus, numerous slumlords in the immediate vicinity of campus, and an excessive overlap of police protection via the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the USC Department of Public Safety.

USC is mostly filled with WASP kids who got rejected from UCLA and Stanford, or out-of-state students that got better financial aid packages. Much like Columbia, despite having a number of well-maintained Metro stations adjacent to campus, many students neglect to explore their outside environs, choosing instead to engage in debauchery on-campus on many a weekend night.

One might wonder why anyone would choose to attend USC, but maybe it's because Randy's Donuts (the best on the west coast) is near USC campus.