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California is home to many Columbia students who do not hail from the East Coast. It's often amusing to watch California freshmen's reaction to the first snow (or, depending on your perspective, more amusing to watch as they begin to understand what a northeast winter is like several months on). It's also a lot of fun to see them getting lost on the subway.

California is home to many prestigious Universities, which include UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, Stanford, Caltech and the University of Southern California, all which are inferior to the Universities on the East Coast, but they get points for trying.

Like most city dwellers in the United States, students from San Francisco and Los Angeles insist on asserting their cities' superiority over New York City. They may or may not have a point, since it's home to both Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but it's still not enough to beat New York. In any case, Californians tend not to be either the most arrogant or the most narrow-minded people on earth, which is more than can be said of New Yorkers or New Englanders in General.