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New England is a six-state region (consisting of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) to New York City's northeast, best known for its heavy concentration of colleges and pretty fall foliage (even though the Mid-Atlantic states have just as many institutions of higher learning and the foliage is actually better in Upstate New York).

Do not confuse New England with the Northeast, or assume New York State is in New England. We'll know you're from somewhere like California, where the East Coast must all seem the same.

Also do not assume you are truly in New England once you cross the New York-Connecticut state line. Towns like Greenwich and Stamford are in the New York metropolitan area, no matter how achingly dull or ethnically homogeneous. You probably can't properly say you've reached New England until you've arrived at Yale, since it shares with the rest of the region a charming history of being founded by religious fundamentalists.