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Connecticut is the wealthiest per capita of the United States - and home to some truly charming ghettos. Connecticut's history began with the founding of Yale, which has poisoned the New Haven region ever since. Then nothing much happened until after World War II, when wealthy WASPs fled rapidly ethnifying New York City and Westchester for the state's pure, Yankee air and low taxes. This migration rendered its participants so satisfied that it was mythologized in the heartwarming novel-cum-film Revolutionary Road.

The state is so named because it once provided a short cut that connected New York and Boston, probably. This was, of course, before New York and Boston became bitter rivals, and before the proliferation of tax-evading hedge fund managers on the state's roads made one's drive through Connecticut anything but short.

Connecticut is easily accessible via Metro-North from Grand Central or 125th Street Stations, which runs as far as New Haven. Beyond is the scarred demilitarized zone (euphemistically referred to as "Hartford") between New York's sphere of influence and the land of the benighted peoples who look toward Boston. Note: allegiance to New York does not dissuade the wealthy residents of such towns as Greenwich, Westport, or New Canaan from claiming to be from "New England".