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In good weather: a social agora. From The Bwog.
Winter Wonderland: The steps become a sledding slope
Skiing enthusiasts take to the Steps.
Robert, who chose Alma Mater's lap as the place to arrange a meeting with his hopeful paramor[1]

The Low Library steps lead from Low Plaza to Low Library and the upper campus. During good weather the steps are a natural gathering place for students.

The Steps become steeper as one ascends toward the entrance of Low Library, with the steepest steps behind Alma Mater. This was constructed on purpose to make patrons work the hardest in climbing the steps of knowledge to the library entrance. Built before the campus extended south of 116th Street, The Steps also served as a physical barrier distinguishing academics at the top (welcomed by Alma Mater) from the commoners below.

During wintertime, snow converts the steps into an ideal slope for sledding. Students are known to "borrow" trays from John Jay Dining Hall in order to facilitate the activity. On the rare occasion of a true blizzard, intrepid students construct a ski jump of snow.

In extremely heavy snow conditions it is not unknown for the CU Ski Racing Team to try the Steps out.

The steps have been nominated as a Great Public Space on the Project for Public Spaces website.

According to blueprints from the 1890s, the Low Library steps are hollow inside.


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