Notes and Keys Cup

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The Notes and Keys Cup was awarded during the annual Interclass Song Contest in the early 1910s. The first competition was held in 1910. On the designated day the judges would sit in the center of South Court, the freshman class singers would stand on the steps leading to Dodge Hall (then the site of the old Faculty Club), the sophomore class on the steps to Kent Hall, and the juniors and seniors flanking Alma Mater.It is unclear when the Notes and Keys Cup competition stopped.

In later years, freshmen peformed a "song fest" in the fall before the Sophomore class to demonstrate their knowledge of school songs. Singers who didn't know the words were duly punished. In 1931, the sophomore class sentinels spotted one lip-syncher among the crowd. He was forced to climb into Alma Mater's lap, kiss her, and beg forgiveness.