Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid

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Financial Aid
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Location 407 Lerner Hall
Phone 212-854-3711
Hours M-F 9-5 (M-Th 3-4, F 10-12 Walk-in Hours)
Website Click Here

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid processes all your tax papers and determines how much aid you need and will get. You're assigned a particular finaid officer while you're at Columbia who handles your application and can answer your questions. Financial Aid at Columbia can be stingy, and you should absolutely attempt to negotiate with them after you get your initial offer. It's quite possible that they simply assumed your family has millions in an unreported off shore bank account when they decided you don't qualify for a grant. It's happened before.

In October 2006, Columbia announced that all current and incoming students during the 2007-2008 school year whose families earned less than $50,000 dollars would have the student loans in their financial aid package replaced with grants.

In 2012, the office was separated out from the Division of Student Affairs and combined with Admissions into an independent office reporting to the two deans of CC and SEAS.

The current head of Financial Aid is Jessica Marinaccio.

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