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Peter Mende-Siedlecki, CC '07, is best known on campus for his contributions to XMAS! A Secular Spectacular! (as a writer and actor) and the Varsity Show (as an actor in V112, a writer in V113, and box office manager in V41 "Flair-Flair, the Idol of Paree"). He furthered his notoriety in 2007 when he came in a close second to Rob Trump in completing the Tour de Ham Del. Peter is from Buffalo, and is a rabid Sabres fan, often sporting the team's jersey. In 2008, Peter co-founded the blog Peter and Rob Make Lists of Things with Trump.

Peter is a known "man-about-town" and a hellspawn. He will return in the year A.D. 4200 to feast on the souls of the still-living. He is a pretty cool guy.