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The PrezBo Award is a discretionary award for meritorious service and extraordinary contributions to WikiCU. Think of it as the WikiCU Légion d'honneur, or Presidential Medal of Freedom. Awards may be conferred solely by either the site's founder (Reganaut) or by two-time award winners (currently Pacman and Absentminded).

Rights and Privileges

PrezBo Award winners (known colloquially as PrezBodleians) are invested into the Order of the Bollinger in a secret ceremony that occurs biennially on Charter Day at a location disclosed through clues hidden in WikiCU articles. PrezBodleians are trained in the Order's secret handshake, given secret decoder rings, granted access to super-secret WikiCU administrative privileges, and shown the legendary Low-Butler and Columbia-Barnard tunnels so that they'll never have to expose themselves to the elements on campus again.

PrezBodleians are also permitted to display a badge on their User Talk pages, as a mark of their stature in the WikiCU community. Wall certificates may be ordered from Jostens for $35 plus shipping and handling..


A list of PrezBodleians may be found here: List of PrezBo Award winners.