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Absentminded is a curmudgeonly 2007 graduate of Columbia College, a two-time recipient of the PrezBo Award (April 2007, May 2013), and author of the WikiCU Research guide and resources for new authors. As of this writing he is patiently awaiting appointment to a sinecure by the Columbia administration, preferably that of "University Historian and Lord High Chancellor." He is also willing to accept a consulting contract.

In the meantime, he enjoys editing articles about obscure bits of campus and school history , and his modus operandi is best encapsulated by these xkcd strips: ADD, Duty Calls

Current research interests

The following are areas of Columbia history/knowledge that I'm currently researching, have recently researched, or would like to research in the future. I am listing as much for my own reference as anything else, as I tend to get distracted by too many things at once (see xkcd strp "ADD" above.) This is not a comprehensive list of everything I've worked on, just recently active stuff.


Bollinger.jpg PrezBo Award
Awarded despite this supposed
sabbatical you've taken.
Admin 04:44, 2 April 2007 (EDT)

Roaree2.jpg 2013 Wikithon Survivor
I survived the WikiCU 2013 Wikithon,
and all I got was this sweet Roar-ee badge!

Bollinger.jpg PrezBo Award
I hereby award you your second PrezBo Award
for your continued dedication to the cause.
This makes you the second two-time recipient
in the history of WikiCU.
 − Reaganaut  17:18, 4 May 2013 (EDT)