Principles of Economics

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Principles of Economics (ECON W1105) is taught by several professors, but most popularly, Sunil Gulati. Since the course is required for all SEAS students and economics majors, the lectures usually reach around 200 people, which greatly benefits the curve and virtually guarantees a good grade to anyone who can do simple algebra.


  1. Introduction to Economics
  2. Supply and Demand I
  3. Supply and Demand II
  4. Elasticity
  5. Theory of Consumer Behavior I
  6. Theory of Consumer Behavior II
  7. Technology and Costs
  8. Competitive Markets I
  9. Competitive Markets II
  10. Imperfect Competition I: Monopoly
  11. Imperfect Competition II
  12. Factor Markets
  13. Externalities/Public Goods
  14. Intro to Macro/Measuring Economic Activity
  15. Employment and Inflation/Macro History
  16. Income Determination I
  17. Income Determination II
  18. Fiscal Policy
  19. Money & Banking
  20. FED and Monetary Policy
  21. Macro Policy Issues
  22. International Trade I
  23. International Trade II
  24. Income Distribution