Sunil Gulati

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Sunil Gulati
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Sunil Gulati is one of the most popular lecturers in the Economics Department. He teaches Principles of Economics, Global Economy, and a microeconomics seminar focusing on sports. Many of his students praise him as a great teacher and engaging lecturer. He is quick to call out students for texting or sleeping in class and likes to use iClickers, especially in the Principles course. He has never won a Nobel Prize. Gulati provides many opportunities for his students to eat a free a lunch with him at the Faculty House.

Gulati is also heavily involved in soccer (football, for you non-Americans). He was elected in March 2006 as President of the US Soccer Federation.[1] He was involved in the failed US bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, and will speak passionately when asked why Qatar won instead.[2] In April 2013 Gulati was elected onto the FIFA Executive Committee.[3]