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Quiz Bowl
Founded: 1953
Recognition: ABC
Membership: ?
Executive Board: Lok-kin Yeung, President
Grace Chan, Vice-President
Harrison Hsu, Vice-President & Treasurer
Noam Prywes, Secretary
Grace Chan, Webmaster
Category: Competitive
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The Quiz Bowl club competes in academic trivia competitions hosted by schools throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, and organizes intramural contests on campus. Think Jeopardy but with teammates and without the tv cameras, Alex Trebek, or needing to wait until the host finishes reading the question.


"Not smarter. Just faster."


The modern club probably dates back to the mid-90s. However, Columbia played in the very first episode of the College Bowl radio program in 1953. Columbia lost, of course. The club likes to trace its ancestry back to Columbia and Barnard's appearances on the radio and succeeding television programs.

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