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Charles H. Revson Plaza is the official name for the bridge that links the main Morningside Heights campus to the area across Amsterdam Avenue containing the law school, SIPA, and East Campus. It contains a little grassy area and some sculptures, including Life Force, Tight Rope Walker, and Three-Way Piece: Points. There are also great views up and down Amsterdam.

The plaza was part of a master plan for the eastern part of campus by Max Abramovitz's firm, in 1956, and was built by 1964. Problematically, the plinth for the buildings on the eastern part of campus was developed several feet higher than the plinth of the central part of campus (on which Low Library rests, forcing stairs to be built from the historic part of campus to Revson. Bizarrely, this was seen as a temporary solution until the entire northern half of the historic campus could be raised up to the level of the new plaza.[1]


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