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A safe space is a place that a person or organization has declared to be free from certain perceived dangers, such as "bias". Others consider a safe space to be a place where people encourage each other to:

  • embrace or celebrate individual differences
  • be compassionate
  • be inclusive

Arguments against the creation of safe spaces

Some say these spaces are the result of "uncritical thinking". They say that the concept of "safe spaces" is absurd because their creation automatically implies that everywhere else is unsafe.

Arguments for the creation of safe spaces

Recent protesters like SHOCC have demanded the creation of safe spaces.

People in favor of creating safe spaces claim that students who are gay or who belong to racial minorities have frequently been insulted at Columbia. They say that insults have been issued, for example, at the affirmative action bake sale, in a cartoon in The Fed, and in acts involving homophobia and racism.

People in favor of creating safe spaces also say that creating safe spaces is just a temporary step towards the whole university becoming a safe space.