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The first snow of 2013
The blog at one time had 146 WordPress followers.

specsucks is a blog that thinks the Columbia Daily Spectator sucks. Specsucks is run by The Cloaked Mask, who is assisted by The Dark Hand. Their followers are known as the "lejun."

In short: Specsucks write crazy articles about Spec sucking. It also alludes to and leaks campus publication drama and gossip, contributing to the already-insufferable "student leader" circle-jerk. In AY 2011-12 it was the first to break the news that Ahmadinejad was not in fact re-visiting Columbia, as Spec erroneously reported.

Bwog unexpectedly unmasked the identity of The Dark Hand in 2012, although The Cloaked Mask remains at large[1].


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