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Strokos is a deli restaurant on the corner of Broadway and 114th St (aka Frat Row). In particular, it's conveniently near John Jay Hall and Ruggles Hall. Strokos is located in the same building as Artopolis and has the same owner; a sign went up in 2011 admonishing employees for plundering Artopolis fare during their break times.

Strokos serves everything. Well, almost everything: sandwiches, pancakes, fresh salads, french fries, pizza, yogurt, ice cream, fresh fruit, cookies, and even baklava. It can get crowded at lunch time, when the entire staff of St. Luke's migrates across the street, but there are always plenty of tables, both inside and outside.

Despite paying rent, dealing with taxes and profits and relying on a smaller, non-guaranteed customer base, Strokos serves comparable meals to Columbia Dining for about 3/4 the price.


<googlemap lat="40.805445" lon="-73.962257" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.805445, -73.962257, Strokos (Deli restaurant) </googlemap>

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