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Student and Administrative Services (formerly Campus Services, formerly Student Services, formerly Student Auxiliary & Business Services) was a University-level administrative office. It ran a number of important services for all university students, faculty, and administration, now carried out by other offices. They changed their name every few weeks to keep the editors of this page frustrated.

The office was overseen by Jeffrey Scott, the EVP, and its more day-to-day functions (read: dealing with the students) were run by Scott Wright. Scott Wright still oversees Campus Services.


Most concerns related to SAS can be addressed in one of three places:

SAS also operates Student Services Online (SSOL), the website used to register for classes, check bills, add money to dining and flex, check grades, check financial aid, and check degree progress, among other services.

They also have a very useful FAQ website, Ask Us, with information on the topics of Billing & Payments, Tuition & Fees, Registration, Transcripts & Grades, ID Card, and Personal Information.

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