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Mail Services
Director/Head {{{Head}}}
Location Fourth Floor, Lerner Hall
Phone 212-854-0100
Hours M-Th 9-7, F-Sa 9-5
Website Click Here

Mail Services is the department within Student Services that handles student mail. They are responsible for placing the mail in your Lerner mailbox, as well as running the Lerner Package Center.

Lerner Hall

The package center is on the fourth floor - take the corridor on the east side of the building (next to the top floor of Ferris Booth Commons), and it's on the right side of the corridor. A red door. You won't miss it.

Give them your CUID and mailbox number (e.g. 1234) and they'll give you your package.

They also sell packaging materials if you need to send something.

Satellite Centers

You can also receive packages in Carman Hall, Wien Hall, and Schapiro Hall. The Carman package center is located on the 2nd floor, nestled deep among freshmen suites. The retrieval process for all three is identical to that of Lerner.

The M Floor of Carman is, as its exasperated seven residents will often explain to lost looking souls trying to find their mail in what they often can't tell is a residential suite, NOT the mail floor. The Mail floor in Carman is ironically enough the male floor, i.e. floor 2 of Carman.