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Many Columbia students and other affiliates keep blogs in one way or another. This page will hopefully list as many as possible.

Main blogs

Blog name Topics Active?
Bwog [1] news, gossip, events, free food, housing coverage, scandal yes
Spectrum [2] breaking news, opinion columns, housing coverage yes
Columbia Shallot [3] satire, commentary yes

Other active blogs

Blog name Author Topics Active?
Light Reading Prof. Jenny Davidson literary stuff yes
Reflective Pundit Prof. Brigitte Nacos econ/politics yes
The Second Age Matt Kane social commentary yes

Inactive blogs

Blog name Author Topics Active?
The Columns [4] CPU and pals politics not since Fall 2007
2nd Law ? weird stuff about China not since February 2008
The Stories Behind Spec News Josh Hirschland Columbia Daily Spectator, publishing not since Sept. 2007, replaced by Editors Notes
Hash Browns...and Toast! ? ? not since October 2007
Five Plus One M. Six Silberman ? no
The Columbia Critic ? news commentary not since December 2007
In Lumine Tuo some Law student national news commentary no
The Lion's Den Hungrycu food around campus not since January 2008
Eternal, Miserable Suffering ? funny but true rants not since February 2008
The One Train Daniella Zalcman photos of strangers not since March 2011
Queued Paper Robyn Schneider writing, NYC no
wang. i am a bear. Stephen Wang news commentary not since February 2009
Roar Lions Roar Jake Novak football, Columbia Lions not since December 2011
Going Lions! Henry Vick Basketball, Columbia Lions has been made into a private blog
The Spec Copy Community CML and Darya Deker (?) Columbia Daily Spectator not since April 2007
BarnardRefDesk Barnard College librarians stuff related to Barnard libraries not since April 2011
Columbia University Libraries FYI Columbia Librarians library related tidbits no
Commentariat [5] Spec Opinion Blog of the Spec no
The Editors Notes Spec Spec stuff no
The Lion and the Donkey College Dems Democrats, College Dems no
GS Lounge GS people? GS and their weird real world stories no
Peter and Rob Make Lists of Things Rob Trump and Peter Mende-Siedlecki Lists! no
The Phlog Philo weird shit no
the(pro)be ? artifice|rants|raves" no
The Blaaag Asian American Alliance Asian American politics, culture, campus life no
el participante Lucha immigration, labor, antiwar no
Off Broadway study abroad kids the foreigns no
The Core Junction Jacob Shapiro and Phil Levin politics, business, technology, entertainment, sports no
Climate Law Notes Devin McDougall climate change, law and policy no
[ Jake Davidson and Stephen Snowder news, commentary not really