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Subsconscious is a 24-hour sandwich shop with baked goods and other assorted snacks. It has a location in Morningside Heights: 1213 Amsterdam Ave (at 119th Street) as well as a location in Harlem at 1625 Amsterdam Ave (at 140th Street). The sandwiches are by and large fantastic.

The shop is a favorite of SEAS students due to its proximity to Mudd and the fact that there's basically no good food anywhere on Amsterdam. The best sandwiches are the Final Exam and the GPA, and the salads and burgers are mediocre at best. The phenomenal subs are balanced out by the cramped and oft-overcrowded store, and the utterly incompetent cashiers, who take inordinately large amounts of time to even notice that you're standing in front of them and stop to gossip with each other and check their phones in between customers even when there's a line nearly out the door.


<googlemap lat="40.80888" lon="-73.959403" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.80888, -73.959403, Subs Conscious (American) </googlemap>

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