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Tanya Shah SEAS '14 majored in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in English and Comparative Literature. She was an elected member of the Engineering Student Council throughout her college tenure and worked as a Resident Adviser for three years.

Student Council

Tanya's student council career started unluckily when she set the record for number of ties in a freshman popular election by tying twice. She was eventually elected as the Class of 2014 Representative. She was elected the Vice President of Policy in her senior year as a member of the party PSet 150.

Tanya's major achievements on the Policy Committee include the following:

  • Good Samaritan Policy (Responsible Community Action Policy)
    • Tanya helped Logan Donovan in her push to institute a Good Samaritan Alcohol and Drug Use Policy at Columbia University
    • Their work here eventually led to the institution of the Responsible Community at Columbia (RC@C) alcohol education that replaced alchohol.edu as a first-year requirement
  • SEAS Pass/Fail
  • SEAS Honor Code
    • With Robert Ying, Harry Munroe, and graduate students, she helped write and implement a Columbia Engineering honor code
Preceded by
Bora Kim
ESC Vice President of Policy 
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