Tasti D-Lite

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Tasti D-Lite can be found in Lerner Hall. It is one of the dining options at Columbia.


It is disgusting. The ice cream apparently tastes like air?! For some reasons, girls love this stuff, probably because it's marketed as "low-calorie."

Two girls once tried to eat there for 3 days and nearly died while showing this off on The Bwog. To be fair, they did smoke some cigarettes, so they probably wouldn't have died.


On a more rational note... It actually isn't disgusting at all. It's a huge chain in the city, so this isn't some home-made Columbian concoction that tastes like crap. It's no Haagen Dazs, but it's perfectly fine - and the toppings help.

TDL Closing

Tasti D-Lite has closed and is no longer in Lerner Hall. The date of when it closed or if it will open again is unknown.