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Thetagate 2.0, also referred to as Sororitygate, was a minor campus scandal involving the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and Bwog. It was the spiritual successor to Thetagate.

The video

Spring 2016 saw a string of minor scandals involving sororities. The week of sorority formal recruitment, Shua Bhattacharya (CC '16) wrote a tell-all op-ed on her recruitment to and defection from Sigma Delta Tau. [1] Faced with negative press, many sorority sisters blasted Shua in the comments and over social media, wanting to show a united front and assuage prospective members. One Sigma Nu brother did damage control with a counter op-ed. [2]

Later that week, Rachel Deal of Bwog revealed that she had already been reporting on Shua's story. [3] This was followed by another Bwog post alleging that Theta sisters aired a video to new members showing Delta Sigma Phi officers making vulgar remarks about Delta Gamma. [4] Again, Bwog was attacked in the comments for failing to do "real journalism."

The photo

In April, Bwog posted a tip accusing Theta of having empty handles of vodka in their brownstone, a violation of national and university regulations. The post included a photo of a Theta sister apparently passed out in her room. Comments focused on the nature of the picture, a lack of clarity regarding the confirmation the photo was taken in the brownstone, and the sexist nature of the no-alcohol rule in Greek Life. Drama ensued as the photo was originally posted with the student's name in the caption as well as being considered a "revealing" shot of the student wearing shorts. Several comments called the post a violation of Title IX and a reportable instance of sexual harassment. Of course, this is all bullshit. After being censored twice to remove the student's name and censor the indecent area of the photo, the post was ultimately removed from the site.

A day later Mason Amelotte, the Bwog editor-in-chief, resigned in response to the threats [5] and was replaced by Rachel Deal.