Delta Sigma Phi

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Delta Sigma Phi
Abbreviation: Delta Sig
Org Founded: 1899 at City College
CU Chapter: Beta
Chapter Established: 1902
Motto: "Better Men, Better Lives"
Symbol(s): Sphinx
House: 531 W. 113th
Recognition: IFC

Delta Sigma Phi, Beta chapter, is one of the fraternities recognized by the Interfraternity Council. The chapter currently occupies occupies a brownstone at 113th St. The fraternity more commonly goes by its nickname Delta Sigor DSig.

In spring 2012 the chapter earned a 5 star ALPHA Standards of Excellence rating and earned the Outstanding Interfraternity Council Chapter award from the Inter Greek Council.

The chapter also earned achievement awards in philanthropy (presented to chapters that raise over $60 per member), community service (presented to chapters that complete over 20 service hours per member), academics (presented to chapters that have an average GPA above 3.4), and campus involvement (presented to chapters where over 60% are involved in another campus activity.)

These were all of the awards that chapters could possibly receive that year.

In spring 2013 Delta Sig earned a 3 star ALPHA Standards of Excellence rating and raised over $1,000 for Relay for Life. The chapter also raised $1,175 for Relay for Life in spring 2012.

Service & Philanthropy

The Fraternity has adopted the American Red Cross as its national philanthropy. Members are urged to support the endeavors of the non-profit and raise funds. During the Spring semester we host a date auction and all money raised is donated to support the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation.

About Delta Sig

The Columbia chapter of Delta Sig is the Beta Chapter, the second chapter of Delta Sig. Although the chapter, founded in 1902, was inactive for most of the 20th century, it was reestablished at Columbia in 2001.


Delta Sig is "one of the few (if not only) fraternities not implicitly affiliated with a sports team, with the possible exception of Beta. Brothers are, however, heavily involved in extracurricular activities; they are heavily represented in the Economic and Political Science societies, with many members writing for the CPR, the Helvidius society, and the Columbia Economics society. Their members also participate in a number of a-capella groups, such as Sharp and Uptown Vocal, and include many musicians. The members of Delta Sig at Columbia were also featured in the Style section of GQ, where they wore snooty blazers and bro-ed out."

Their membership is "fairly large (about 80-85 members at any given time). They have received a reputation of accepting largely prep school kids, though Delta Sigs deny this as a defining trait of membership."

In the Greek world, "Delta Sig is close to all the sororities but is closest to DG and Theta."

The fraternity "consistently holds executive positions in the InterFraternity Council and Judicial Board, helping to shape Greek formals and mediate the "War on Fun"."


The fraternity of course has its secret rituals, signs, and symbols, and yet the chapter has established a few other unique ones. Beer Olympics, Alumni Beer & Wings, and Alumni Breakfast at Homecoming are a few ways for alumni to participate. The fraternity also plans ski trips to Killington and occasionally Vancouver. Members generally participate in an annual or semesterly pong tournament, casino night, and sorority dinner night. Members throw a New Years Eve party, with the host location varying year to year. Other traditions include DG-Delta Sig intramural soccer or volleyball.


Parties that kick off the new fall semester include the annual Green Party, Around the World, and mixers with each sorority. Pledges also plan an event; past pledge events have included secret crush parties. More recently, Delta Sig has co-hosted events with charities, corporations, TV/film, and energy drink companies. Delta Sig has also worked with neighborhood business owners to negotiate additional spaces for students aside from neighborhood staples like the Pourhouse-Canons-1020-Heights of MoHi. These locations have included: Mona (Pourhouse's precursor, closed 2006), Village Pourhouse (better suited to unoffical events), Il Cibreo (shortly after Pertutti, Campo's precursor, closed), Vareli (parties there are financially agreeable, but better suited to private events), and more recently, Mel's Burger Bar.

Its main campus philanthropic contributions include fundraising for CCO and Relay for Life. The fraternity holds "one of the best fundraisers for CU Dance Marathon," which is the annual Date Auction held in Roone Arledge.

Real Estate Controversy

There was some speculation that the fraternity acquired its current home on 113th street due to the connections its members had with Columbia. Zeta Psi had been kicked out of the house by Columbia because of falling membership and improper maintenance of facilities, and nine applications, including Alpha Chi Omega, were sent in for review. It is alleged that Josh Milstein (DSP '10) and Jeff Witten (DSP '10), whose fathers are Trustees of the university, and whose families have made substantial contributions to Columbia, had some play in Delta Sig's real estate coup.[1] At the time, it seemed miraculous that a brownstone would become available.[2]

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