Kappa Delta Rho

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Kappa Delta Rho
Abbreviation: KDR
Org Founded: 1905 at Middlebury College
CU Chapter: Nu Alpha
Chapter Established: 1982
Motto: "Honor Super Omnia"

"Honor Above all Things"

Symbol(s): Peregrine Falcon
House: 548 W. 114th
Recognition: IFC
Contact: nu.alpha@kdr.com

Kappa Delta Rho, Nu Alpha chapter, is one of the fraternities recognized by the Interfraternity Council. The chapter occupies a brownstone on 114th street. The fraternity more commonly goes by its nickname KDR.

In spring 2012 the chapter earned an achievement award in campus involvement (presented to chapters where over 60% are involved in another campus activity) from the Inter Greek Council.

In spring 2013 KDR earned a 3 star ALPHA Standards of Excellence rating.

In 2010 the chapter was awarded the Most Improved Chapter award by the Inter-Greek Council.

Service & Philanthropy

Kappa Delta Rho’s Nu Alpha chapter focuses its philanthropic efforts on supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). ALSF is an American pediatric cancer charity founded by Alexander “Alex” Scott. Alexandra Flynn “Alex” Scott was born on January 18, 1996 in Manchester, Connecticut. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer, two days before her first birthday.

About KDR at Coumbia

KDR's Nu Alpha chapter at Columbia was founded on May, 1 1982.

The chapter is currently housed at 548 W. 114th St.

It is known colloquially as the "basketball frat" because of the basketball team's membership in the house. Not all basketball players are brothers and roughly half of the brothers are not on the basketball team.

Recently its membership has diversified to include members of the varsity golf, tennis, football, baseball, fencing and track teams as well as club athletes in rugby and sailing. The chapter is "known on campus for their large dance parties and the predominately female-athlete crowd that their events attract."

Most recently, KDR came under heat when Bwog released screenshots of Varsity Wrestlers, who were members of KDR, making racist, sexist, and generally degrading comments in a Columbia Wrestling GroupMe. A protest erupted outside their house, and a resident of the Intercultural Resource Center hung a sign reading "White Supremacy Lives Here" from their roof. Rumor has it that a Beta brother snatched the sign during the night.

The brothers of Kappa Delta Rho, circa 2013

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