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Homecoming takes place each October at Baker Athletic Complex and celebrates the football team's loss to either Penn or Princeton. Seriously, who in the world decided to schedule homecoming against either Penn or Princeton? At any rate, it exists as the culmination of mostly alumni events throughout the prior week and results in the one time each season that the stands are considerably full at Wien Stadium.

In the past, numerous Fraternities could be found tailgating boisterously in the parking lot during the course of the day. However, in 2010, Athletics started slowly removing tailgaiting as an option, and by 2012, no tailgaiting was allowed. There's a huge tent for alumni, and seniors usually have their own "pen" with 4 free beers. Most revelers don't even enter the stadium.

PrezBo usually shows up for photos.

Columbia University defeated Penn 44-6 on October 24, 2019. The next homecoming is scheduled for October 24, 2020 against Dartmouth.