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The show's title card

On February 21, 2008, the Jester of Columbia presented Up Late with Jeff Julian, a taping of a fake late night talk show (aired on the fake NBN Network) in the Black Box. The show consisted of scripted dialogue, prerecorded commercials, and celebrity guests. The audience acted as the studio audience viewing both on- and off-air antics.


Jeff Julian (Jeff Julian) hosted the eponymous show, assisted by his sidekick Sonny Sinclair (Alex Weinberg). On this particular show, February 21st’s episode, Julian’s guests included Maryland Senator Winthrop McNadler (Jake Green), and improv groups Fruit Paunch and Sweeps. Although originally billed as a guest, the Plant Wrangler (David Iscoe) was bumped for a second improv group, in order to boost ratings after the senator’s uneventful segment.

The show culminated in the on air suicide of Sonny Sinclair and the arrest of Jeff Julian for multiple crimes.

Injuries Suffered on the Show

Multiple injuries were suffered by characters in the show.

  • Stagehand - Leg telescoped after falling from a precipice
  • Intern - Face burned by hot Pepsi (scalding, not piping) thrown by Jeff Julian
  • Cop - Face burned in a similar fashion
  • Jeff Julian - Leg telescoped after falling from a desk
  • Sonny Sinclair - Single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the brain

Cast & Crew


Jake Green, David Iscoe, Jeff Julian, Adam Nover, Peter Schamp, Alex Weinberg


Jake Green


Justin Grace, Jake Green, David Iscoe, Marc Iserlis, Jeff Julian, Adam Nover, Ethan Pack, Peter Schamp, Alex Weinberg, Sam West


David Iscoe, Jeff Julian, Adam Nover, Peter Schamp, Alex Weinberg, Sam West.

Film Producers

Sam Reisman, Sam West

Film Actors

Thomas Anawalt, David Iscoe, Jeff Julian, Adam Nover, Austin Smith, Pitr Strait, Alex Weinberg, Sam West

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