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Andrew Klauber, lovingly referred to by his nickname "Finn" which arose during NSOP, is a Classics major, a former Internal Editor of Bwog, a longtime resident of the Beta House, and a director and chair of multiple Model UN committees hosted by Columbia for both high schoolers and college students. He reinstated weekly coverage of Engineering Student Council meetings, and has been a fixture of ESC since the end of his freshman year. His tenure on the Bwog Editorial Board was completed successfully—e.g. without a member of the Board being asked to resign—the first time in years that Bwog was not rocked and destabilized by an internal scandal.

Personal achievements include winning $300 of Sweetgreen during a Columbia Buy/Sell Memes contest, being the admin/page owner of Overheard@Barnard for an entire Summer, completing all language and history requirements for the Classics curriculum by the end of his junior year despite entering Columbia without any knowledge of Greek or Latin, and completing multiple Computer Science courses—including a course in C and C++ in the Engineering School.

His academic focuses include: Biblical Greek, religion in the Mediterranean in Late Antiquity, Latin Elegy and Epic, Greek, Latin, and Biblical intertextuality, and Christian theology. He is currently studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, raising his drinking tolerance and walking a 30 minute commute to and from classes.

His enemies include: broken radiators, bad ESC policies, unnameable University Senators, the Columbia administration in general, and people who hate Butler Library.

The Columbia courses he most recommends are: Jews in the Later Roman Empire with Seth Schwartz, Science Fiction Poetics with Michael Golston, anything with Gareth Williams, Latin Literature of the Republic with Katharina Volk, CS3136 (Data Structures for Non-Majors) with Tim Paine, and Homeric Greek with Deborah Steiner.