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Nussbaum & Wu. Photo by C. Szabla

Wu + Nussbaum (formally Nussbaum & Wu) is a cafe and restaurant on Broadway at 113th St, right under the 600 West 113th Street residence hall. Former home of the beloved bakery Nussbaum and Wu, which closed on June 2018 due to a health code violation, the rebranded shop offers both baked goods and hot plates to its customers. Said plates range in quality from mediocre to slightly less mediocre.

Some remember the old Nussbaum & Wu less fondly. Writes one editor: "Everything is just barely tasty enough. The cookies are way too expensive. And the coffee is so strong it could kill a small animal. So why does the place remain so popular? Probably due to its prime location, much like Pinnacle. Also, it's one of the only non-Starbucks cafes on Broadway where, if you're patient and aggressive, you can find a seat and relax."

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