XMAS! 2: The Secular Spectacular

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XMAS! 2: The Secular Spectacular was the second performance of XMAS!, in 2007.

Creative Team

  • Director: Becky Abrams
  • Composer: Shruti Kumar
  • Producers: Olivia Gorvy and Amanda Stoffel
  • Writers: Laura Kleinbaum, Michael Molina, and Rob Trump
  • Lyricist: Charlotte Freinberg
  • Art Directors/Choreographers: Gilli Messer, Nessa Norich
  • Set Designers: The Englander Twins
  • Creator: Caitlin Shure
Preceded by
XMAS! A Secular Spectacular!
XMAS! Performances 
Succeeded by
XMAS! 3: North by Northpole