XMAS! 3: North by Northpole

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XMAS! 3: North by Northpole was the third performance of XMAS!, in 2008.

Creative Team

  • Director: Eva Peskin
  • Writers: Rachel Leopold and Michael Molina
  • Lyricist: Charlotte Freinberg
  • Composer: Paul Rodgers
  • Producers: Danielle Robin and Anna Weinstein
  • Choreographer: Allie Paddock
  • Costumes: Amanda Stoffel
  • Art Director/Set Designer: Charlotte Furet

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Carol Christmas: Sophie Ragir
  • John Pagan: John Goodwin
  • Charlie Brown Christmas: Michael Seaman
  • Yule Goat: Yonatan Gebeyehu
  • Belsnickel: Tobin Mitnick
  • Hannukah Harriet: Jenny Vallancourt
  • Kwanzaa Karl: Austin Smith
  • Cindy Jew Who: Mary Jo Holuba
  • Sally Pagan: Joy Jorgensen
  • Zlateh the Goat: Claire Halberstadt
  • Lil' Drummer Boy: Pat Blute
  • Tiny Tim: Emily Kaplan
  • Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Sarah Dooley
  • Salvation Army Santa: Danaya Mesa
  • Shopping Mall Santa: Adam May
  • Gay Santa: Michael Snyder
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XMAS! 2: The Secular Spectacular
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XMAS! 4: Shalom Alone