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[http://www.postcrypt.info Postcrypt Art Gallery Official Website]
[http://www.postcrypt.info Postcrypt Art Gallery Official Website]
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[[Category:Special interest clubs]]
[[Category:Rooms on the Morningside Heights campus]]
[[Category:Rooms on the Morningside Heights campus]]

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Postcrypt Art Gallery
Founded: 1989
Recognition: SGB
Membership: Over 840 subscribers to the weekly mailing list
Executive Board: Jenny Lam, President
Jackie Koenig, VP
Emily Shartrand, Secretary
Emilie Streiff, Treasurer
Asya Kostrominova, Publicity Director
Ian Kwok, Publicity Director
Cassie Spodak, Gallery Manager
Ken Kill, Alcohol Manager
Category: Special interest clubs
Website: {{{Website}}}
Contact: {{{Contact}}}

Postcrypt Art Gallery is a student-run organization that functions within a unique space on the Columbia University campus designed to provide student artists and curators with the opportunity to create, curate, and exhibit their work. Since its inception in 1989, when an enterprising group of Columbia undergraduate students took the initiative to transform the unused basement space of the St. Paul's Chapel into an exhibition space, Postcrypt Art Gallery has been the artistic pulse of the Columbia campus. The gallery serves as the only gallery space exclusively dedicated to the exhibition of undergraduate art, and student artists from CC, SEAS, BC, and GS are provided with the opportunity to exhibit their work, regardless of their involvement with the Visual Arts Department.

External Links

Postcrypt Art Gallery Official Website