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Shreyas Manohar (CC '18) is in The Varsity Show, a COOP leader and creator of CU Now. He hosts Stand-up comedy shows featuring many campus comedy personalities at Postscrypt and Black box, occasionally also getting famous comics to do spots. He's emceed various events like Tamasha and Passport to Columbia Recently, along with Ally Horn he made a video with Deantini which went viral in the Columbia community. Shreyas is also a major literary personality on campus, known not only for his writing but also for the way he reads his work at literary events. He is rumored to be formerly involved with a secret society on campus. He is from Mumbai, India. Shreyas crowd-surfed during Bacchanal. He was always late for his 8:40 Principles of Econ class with Gulati. He also does Latenite