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Union Square location

Whole Foods Market, also known as "Whole Paycheck Market," is a chain supermarket that sells overpriced organic and natural grocery products. Occasionally decent coupons make the treacherous trip down to 97th and Columbus, the nearest store, worthwhile. Students are warned, however, that the housing development where Whole Foods is located is depressingly bland and exemplifies the changes wrought by gentrification. Shop at Trader Joe's instead.

There are five other locations in Manhattan:

  • On the south side of Union Square
  • At Columbus Circle in the basement of the Time Warner Center
  • On Houston between Bowery and Chrystie in the Lower East Side/Soho
  • At 24th and Seventh Avenue in Chelsea.
  • On Greenwich between Warren and Murray in TriBeCa.

West Side Market, Milano Market, and Garden of Eden all make fairly good and equally expensive substitutes for WFM if you can't be bothered heading downtown.

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