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The CCSC elections of 2010 were held on April 13th through 15th. Columbia College students were allowed to vote for one CCSC executive board party and one University Senator candidates, as well as one or more candidates for several other positions.



CCSC executive board

Three parties competed to form the next executive board: The Naked Party, Stand Columbia, and Renew C.U. The presence of three tickets was in sharp contrast to the previous year, where only one executive board ticket ran. In the end, Learned Foote's Stand Columbia party was victorious, with 47% of the vote in the first round, and over 50% of the vote in the second round.

University Senate

Four candidates ran for the University Senate, Meredith Perry, Scott Maxfield, Keianna Dixon, and Kenneth Durell. Durell was the only candidate with prior CCSC experience, having served as a representative for the Class of 2011 previously, and was ultimately elected by a narrow margin.

Class Council elections

Only the 2011 Class Council race was contested, with CCSC members Nuriel Moghavem (formerly VP of Funding) and Sean Udell (formerly 2011 Class Vice-President) each forming his own ticket--The Party Bus (Party) and The After Party, respectively. In the end, Sean Udell's After Party ticket was victorious.

While the 2013 Class Council race was basically uncontested (with only one president/vice-president ticket present), Eleanor Stein ran independently for a representative position, and was ultimately successful in joining the 2013 council.

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