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Vareli, nee Domain, nee Vareli, was a tiny, overpriced restaurant located between The Heights and Possibilities@Columbia you could bring home to your parents. It closed sometime in spring 2015 (but no one really knows when because, like Ricky's, no media outlet covered it).

Alpha Epsilon Pi loved throwing parties there.

On 1/25/14 Vareli hosted Franqui Messinger's 20th birthday party, possibly the best banger ever to occur in the vicinity of the torched Heights Bar and Grill. The full open bar resulted in drunken debauchery including the consumption of several cartons worth of cigarettes, which resulted in 3 curtain fires and in Malcolm Johnson's permanent ejection from the venue. The birthday cake was in the shape of a marijuana leaf and featured a full 20 joint candle set.

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