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Alpha Epsilon Pi is the largest "Jewish" fraternity in North America, although it does not require that all of its members be Jewish. The Iota Chapter at Columbia University was founded in 1923, and it now occupies the brownstone at 546 W 114th St. across from the Carman gates.

History of the Chapter

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded in 1913 at New York University by Charles C. Moskowitz. The Columbia chapter was the ninth of the now 132 chapters.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity, but not a religious organization; rather, it is a social, philanthropic, scholarly, and athletic brotherhood, a multifaceted organization of men who have joined together to share their college experience.

AEPi was founded on a core of Jewish values that remain relevant to this day, and these values are still embraced and practiced by the fraternity on a daily basis.

Notable Columbia Chapter alumni


AEPi Iota Main Site

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