A Million Mogadishus

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On March 26, 2003, at a 'teach-in' on the Iraqi conflict, Nicholas De Genova, a Columbia University assistant professor of anthropology called for "a million Mogadishus"[1][2], referring to the slaughter of 18 U.S. soldiers in Somolia in 1993. Columbia Historian Eric Foner called De Geneova's comment "idiotic." His remarks were picked up by the press as an example of rampant leftism and anti-Americanism on Columbia's campus. De Genova claimed that the Spec took his quote out of context[3], and in a later interview clarified that he did not wish for the deaths of US soldiers and "was referring to what Mogadishu symbolizes politically."[4]

It was a low point for both public discourse about the war in Iraq and for Columbia.

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