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Aryeh is Columbia's "pro-Israel, pro-peace, non-partisan public affairs committee." They're generally taken to be more hawkish than Hillel. Their antagonist/annual College Walk screaming-match opponent is SJP. They used to be called by LionPAC, but everyone kept sending them political donations.

Aryeh's Mission Statement

Aryeh is a pro-Israel, pro-peace, non-partisan student organization that supports the State of Israel’s right to exist. As a non-partisan organization we encourage honest and rigorous discourse in all matters relating to Israel. Aryeh’s objective on campus is to educate the Columbia community about Israel, encourage students to become politically engaged, connect with other leaders on campus, and offer a variety of outlets for students to connect with Israel academically, politically, and culturally.

If you wish to learn more about issues relating to the Middle East, Israel, or would like to help strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, we encourage you to participate in Arey’s programs and initiatives.