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College Walk is the pedestrianized stretch of 116th Street on the Morningside Heights campus between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. To its north is Low Plaza and the upper campus. Below it is South Field, connected by the Rives Memorial Steps.

Originally a busy street, it was swapped for some worthless land the university owned upstate during the tenure of University President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Today, it is often the site of protests and information tables. The ISO frequently mans a table on the walkway, as do various Zionist groups. The Sundial at the center of the walk is a typical rallying point for marches or protests. In September, the Activities Fair is held on and around it.

During the holiday season, the trees along College Walk are lighted, a period which is kicked off by the Tree Lighting Ceremony. The trees remain lit until the end of February.

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