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The Barnard Greek Games were a tradition at Barnard College pitting the freshman and sophomore classes against one another in a series of competitions. They began in 1903 when the Class of 1905 challenged the Class of 1906 to an informal athletic contest. In later years upperclass students would cheer on their juniors, "odds" cheering for "odds" and "evens" for "evens." Signature events included a chariot race, with chariots pulled by teams of 4 students, and a torch race. The torch race is captured in the "Spirit of the Greek Games" statue outside Barnard Hall that was given by the Class of 1905 as a gift on the 25th anniversary of the games in 1928. The games, a central part of Barnard campus life, were held annually until 1968, when upheaval on campus caused their cancellation, snuffing out this tradition along with such longstanding features of campus life as the Varsity Show.

After a 22 year absence, the Games were revived in 1989 as part of Barnard's Centennial celebrations. The games were revived again in 2000, and have been held sporadically since.

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