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Current boathouses at Baker Field on the Harlem River. The Class of 1929 Boathouse is at left, the Gould-Remmer Boathouse at right.

The Columbia crew team's boathouses are located on the Harlem River, part of the Baker Field facility.

The ensemble consists of the old, no longer used Gould-Remmer Boathouse, and the new, three bay Class of 1929 Boathouse (named for the last year that Columbia rowers won the national championship) which began construction in 1999 and was completed in 2001.[1] The two buildings sit side-by-side. A third building is planned[2], and a portion of the Columbia Campaign for Athletics is designated for it.

Historic Boathouses

The original boathouses, however, were located on the Hudson, even as Columbia's 19th century Midtown campus was closer to the East River.

The original Gould Boathouse was built in 1895 on the Hudson River at 115th street, a gift of Edwin Gould (Mines 1888). It was accessible from Riverside Park by bridge that crossed the train tracks of the New York Central railway. 1895 was the year that the crew team led the move to the Morningside Heights campus by moving into what is now Buell Hall, two years before the school formally moved uptown. It burned down in 1927 shortly after the crew team had abandoned it and moved to the Gould-Remmer Boathouse at Baker Field.[3]


Current boathouses

Hudson boathouses