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The brownstones in question

The Brownstone Review Committee was a body appointed by Kevin Shollenberger and Student Affairs to fill the brownstones vacated by Operation Ivy League. Dean Terry Martine headed it, and told Bwog it was not open to student input due to student "bias."

There were wide assertions that the Brownstone Review Committee was too much dominated by members of Greek life. Indeed, KevSho told Spec, "We did purposely ask students who were part of Greek life because I wanted to honor that, historically, those brownstones have gone to Greek organizations"[1].

bored@butler users fliered against the Operation Ivy League fraternities geting back their houses[2]. And there were of course lots of juicy comments.

Ultimately, the BRC awarded the brownstones to AXO, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and Q House[3].


The groups that applied were as follows[4]:


Finalists were:

Committee members

The members of the Brownstone Review Committee were as follows:

  • Terry Martinez
  • Victoria Lopez-Herrera
  • Cristen Scully Kromm
  • Joyce Jackson
  • Will Hughes
  • Krystal Martinez
  • Daniel O'Leary III (resigned after Bwog revealed a conflict of interest: that he had become a founding member of SAE, which had applied for a brownstone, after he was appointed to the committee[5])
  • Andrea Collazo
  • Dane Nickerson
  • Kimberly Lynch
  • Anthony Testa (reportedly did nothing)


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