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Student Affairs
Director/Head Terry Martinez
Location 601 Lerner Hall
Phone (212) 854-2446
Hours M-F 9-5
Website Click Here

Student Affairs is the primary administrative umbrella for undergraduates at Columbia. Student Affairs oversees pretty much all non-academic aspects of student life for CC and SEAS students. Some of the many operations Student Affairs oversees include Residential Programming, Advising, etc.

Student Affairs is the way in which the gap between CC and SEAS is bridged, since they're ultimately separate schools, academically. Creating a united student administration for both schools helps ensure that students in both schools are essentially part of the same student body who live together, eat together, and work together. This also keeps the bureaucracy from getting too messy by eliminating the need for redundant and parallel offices providing the same services to students at each school.

Kat Cutler is their PR person.

Don't confuse it with Campus Services (formerly "Student Services"), a university-wide administrative uber-office.


Student Affairs was formed in 1998 as the Division of Student Affairs when the offices of Dean of Students at SEAS, undergraduate admissions and financial aid, all overseen by Chris Colombo, were merged with the office of Dean of Students at CC after the forced retirement of Roger Lehecka from that post. Colombo became the first Dean of Student Affairs, a post he held until 2008 before leaving for MIT, at which point he was replaced by Kevin Shollenberger. In 2012, the office dropped the "Division" from its name, becoming simply "Student Affairs".

In 2013, Shollenberger stepped down to become a Vice Provost at Johns Hopkins. Terry Martinez, then Dean of Community Development, took over as Interim Dean of Student Affairs until a new permanent dean could be named.


Office of the Dean

Center for Student Advising

Community Development

Student affairs also creates Student-Alumni programming (in coordination with the CC and SEAS alumni offices), offers access to tutoring services, and runs NSOP.

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