Office of Multicultural Affairs

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Multicultural Affairs
Director/Head Melinda Aquino
Location 401 Lerner Hall
Phone 212-854-0720
Hours M-F 9-5
Website Click Here

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is a protest-originated organ of the Columbia bureaucracy charged with the vague goal of "increasing diversity", or something like that, and other goals very little substance. Columbia undergraduates may be familiar with the OMA's many seminars on cultural sensitivity in which they conduct "discussions" of diversity issues. In the end, participants leave with nothing gained and time lost.

The OMA was set up by President Bollinger in the aftermath of the protests about The Fed's Wacky Fun Whitey cartoon and C4's Bake Sale, among other things.

The OMA has itself been accused of being racist, perhaps because its team of administrators is 12.5% white!