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The July/August 2007 CCT. Copies of the magazine around this time of year typically feature a cover story on Class Day

Columbia College Today or CCT is the the glossy alumni publication for Columbia College. It is believed to have high production values to solicit alumni donations to the school. You begin to receive it from the moment you step on campus: they send one to your parents and stuff one in your Lerner mailbox, even if you're in SEAS.

When you graduate, read the class notes to keep up with your classmates' lives. Be warned, if the current notes are any guide, most of them will be boring. The exceptions are alumni who are wildly successful and are made into feature articles, in which case you will be jealous of not only them, but even the hapless J-School alums whose bylines grace the shiny page.

The editor and publisher is Alex Sachare.

A pictorial history of CCT covers

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